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Red & Silver Christmas Tree

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We got a new flocked Christmas tree this year! Everyone who has seen it has commented on how beautiful it is. We have even received compliments from our neighbors who can see it in the window as they drive by our house. After doing research on flocked Christmas trees, we decided to get the 7 ft Prince Flock artificial Christmas tree with LED lights from King of Christmas.

I ordered our tree on a Monday evening and received it Thursday of the same week. It only took 3 days to get it. My whole family was so excited, we put it up the same day we got it. It came in three pieces and was so easy to put together. We also love that you don’t have to plug in and unplug the tree to turn it on and off. It has an on/off button that goes on the floor for you to tap with your foot. How convenient is that!?

The flock did shed a little bit as we were putting it together and when I was arranging and fluffing the branches, but it was minimal. The main reason I chose to order a King of Christmas tree was because of the good reviews about the flocking.

My initial plan was to decorate the tree after Thanksgiving. I think the flocking really adds elegance to it and it looks beautiful with or without decorations. I was going to browse Pinterest for inspiration then go shopping for new decorations.

My husband and I were looking for Christmas lights to hang outside. After looking at the Home Depot, we went to Hobby Lobby. My husband said that since we were there, I might as well get things for the tree. At that point, I didn’t even know the color scheme I was going to go with. I started off in the ribbon isle to look for inspiration. After looking over everything, I decided I wanted a red and silver Christmas tree. I got one 90 ft roll of glittery red ribbon and one 90 ft roll of glittery silver ribbon. I made sure they were wire ribbon so I could mold and manipulate them the way I wanted. I used every bit of both colors and had just the right amount for the whole tree.

I found these big, beautiful red flowers and got ten of them.

To add a different texture, I got five frosted red berry branches. I didn’t want the tree to have too much red, so I got a big container of assorted silver bulbs. 

I found the perfect topper for my Prince tree, this adorable crown.

I found this cute silver and white tree skirt to tie everything together. 

Everything I got has glitter, and I love how it all shimmers and shines! I’m sure I won’t love the glitter mess all over the living room, but I’ll worry about that later! 😉

First, I put the tree skirt around the tree and put the crown on top. I chose to cut both colors of ribbon in small equal sections, and then I intertwined them. I started from the top, angled the ribbon down and tucked the ends between the branches. I was going for more of a sporadic look for the ribbon.

I then added the flowers. I made sure to step back to see if the placement looked right, and I also asked my family for their opinions as well. After that, I added the berry branches.

Lastly, I placed the bulbs in the bare spots and my tree was complete. 

I’m totally loving my tree. Every time I walk by it, I can’t help but to admire it’s beauty. I really wanted a flocked tree, and I’m so glad we decided to go with King of Christmas. 

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